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I found this site out of desperation for a QUICK fix for pain. My husband woke to excruciating pain and he popped 2 Aleve and paced for 20 relief. He was in so much pain he was nearly in tears. So I went to the web as that was about all one can do at midnight.

I have read many of the remedies on this site. And only 1 worked and worked almost INSTANTLY.

1 tsp of Baking Soda & 1 tbsp of vinegar. Mix the two and as soon as is fizzes dip your toothbrush in it and brush til the mix is gone. He was feeling relief within a minute and the pain slowly simmered down to where he could rest comfortably.

Thanks to the originating posting of this remedy. I wish I could thank you personally as this has been the ONLY thing in over a year that has worked this well. And trust me....we have tried many.

Good Luck to everyone....

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Thanks for your suggestion, I tried it and seemed to be helpful, however I still have pain, but at least it reduced it I guess
Again thanks


It made my pain worse.


Worked instantly for me :) Thank goodness!!


This worked so well- I have been in soooo much pain lately. This was soooo great thank u.


It helped with the throbbing pain.. when I applied the solution with the tooth brush it did its job and I think killed the nerve because i was then bleeding from the broken tooth. once i rinsed my mouth for a couple minutes the pain went down and well... for the most part its bearable now and i think the 2 ibuprofens are kicking in now.


This really is amazing! I have been awake over an hour and in so much pain! But instantly I feel better!! Thanks so much!!


Thanks you,It really helped a million!!! After going crazy with pain in the wee hours of the night;thank God for answering my prayer. I'm ready to get some sleep:)


just tryed the vinagar and baking soda....most of my pain was gone instantly. I'm happy...its 4:23am, I've been up all night....going back to bed.


Worked well thanks!


worked really well

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