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Nina S.

I have no recommendation for pain, other than loads and loads of Dr. Sheffield's oral gel! It's unbearable, and I did go to a dentist to get a script for pain - but they only give about 3-5 days worth I think.

As far as the infection, I have had antibiotics, so I think it may have helped the initial signs of infection. Being 6 years later - here are the only things I make sure I use:

1. Antiseptic mouthwash! Do NOT buy any mouthwasth! Make sure it says ANTISEPTIC. Use it daily, or twice a day - but try to not go a day without it.

2. Oil of Oregano - fights the infection; anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-oxidant; You can drink the drops in water or juice, or take it straight (Be careful, this stuff BURNS - do not get it on your lips, eyes, skin - wash immediately) I don't use it daily, but it won't hurt (to my knowledge) I haven't built up a tolerance for it - and it helps with flus, colds, etc <3 the results of not going back to the dentist for what is now 6 years - the nerve has died (yay). Now it's just a matter of that tooth (that was chipped already) breaking down/cracking/etc. If you have the money to get an extraction (around $200 bucks), you may want to.

0.0 I'm just way too cheap to do so, and am waiting to see what happens lol

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If you live in a large city they might have a dental school. The cost is much cheaper and they will let you make payments. The dental students have to practice and they are supervised by a dentist. I got a retainer for my daughter when she was 9 y.o. and it was great. Check it out!

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