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i have tryed every thing from cinnimin to sulfer. i had 2 impacted wisdom teeth, 2 that were growing upside down (growing in root first) and an abscested tooth that had an abscest on it about the side of two pencil eracers. well i couldnt close my mouth the whole way or eat correctly. i dumbed the pain with a little high quality homemade alachol (dont recamend) till i got the insurence to get the wisdom tooth taken out. the pain later on from the abscest went away but came back 10 fold later. by the time i finally caved my skinny little face was about the size of a softball or bigger. balling and screaming for days i tryed it all. my insurence lapsed with out notification. i called my mom who loaned me the 150 to have it taken care of. the dentist wanted to know if i wanted a root canal ($900) or to remove the tooth($150). i said which is the best option while i was balling. he said if i went with the root canal it would subside the pain but id be back in less then 3 years to have the tooth removed. i was in that much pain that i said yank it. he shot me up with 7 full needles of novacane. i still felt the pain. i cryed and cryed. i could feel him twisting and pulling at the tooth. then nothing. no pain. i felt like a million bucks besides the fact that i had a mouth filled with blood and a missing tooth. the swelling of my mouth came down within the hour. i would rather go though a painful pregnancy again then what i expirenced with my tooth. i always flossed, brushed and did mouthwash. i will affect any clean or dirty mouth. in my expirence there is no natural cure for an abscesed tooth. just bite the dust and pay for a tooth removal. your not going to be eating for a while anyway. utilitie companys will understand, so will morgage companys and even landlords. if they dont you have full justification and will win any law suit. just make sure you let them know ahead of time. also get a drs. note. its imparative you do so to win your case. as well as save the tooth for evidence believe it or not. i hope this is more valuable to you.
side note grab an empty 2liter bottle and fill it with hot not boiling water and place it on the side that hurts if you have to drive or walk. it will make it a little (very little) barable to get there.

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spelling bee champ

Sweet abscess tooth is the least of your problems. Learn how to spell.


then you will have to excuse my spelling. i wasn't given the privlage to finish school because of a low income family. if you're on here to give grief about someones educational skills that they couldn't control, then you have the problems not i. not all of us get the luxury of a college education, high school education or even an education in general. but i do know one thing, i will be busting my ass for the rest of my life while your constantly sitting on your ass doing nothing that you can officially call your accomplishment.


Thank you for your story...i agree 100% with you about education . Being a good person is way more important than knowing how to spell in the long run. And as far as the person who posted the comment about your spelling KARMA is real and they should be ashamed of themself!!


thank you very much for your post. it made my day. i understand that im not the greatest speller or have the greatest of grammer, but a good heart doesnt need it. and your comment made a heavy heart feel light :)


Its your heart and soul and a non judgemental one that matters in this world or any other. An education is helpful it's a key to freedom for more choices in life. Not to be used to judge others who have not been as
fortunate or have walked a different path. So I ask you who is more intelligent....the person who may not spell well or the person who makes judgement on others? What I do know is my fancy education is not going to help me when I pass on its acting with a kind and open heart to all.


I work six days a week, I dropped out of high school early etc.
But my God, I have never ever seen such terrible spelling and grammar EVER.
Just saying.

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