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My problem: I had a molar that was beginning to abscess. When I went to the dentist, the freezing did not take to my tooth, so he was only able to put a temp filling, until I get the root canal.
It is now 3 days until my actual dentist appointment and the pain has come back with a vengeance. I have not been able to eat all day, or close my mouth fully. I was BARELY able to spit after brushing my teeth, I was almost to the point of tears trying. The pain was so bad, I could feel it through the whole side of my face and my ear was killing me. Up until an hour ago, I actually felt that I would just die. I have a heart condition, so any medications such as ibuprofen, midol etc, were out of the question. I read every single page in here (all 32 of them!).


- Onion
- Tea Bag
- Vicks Vapo
- Vanilla Extract
- Warm salt water

What WORKED 100%:

I sliced a garlic clove and held a piece of it in my mouth for about 20 minutes, between my cheek and the tooth.
I switched pieces and held a new one there for about 5 minutes. Just a note - it is not the loveliest taste, and it may feel like its burning a little. But NOTHING as bad as what you are going through. This is TOTALLY worth it. Just keep holding it there, after a few minutes the taste etc will not bother you.
At this point I have had virtually zero pain for one hour now.
Even if this is not a full fix until Friday - It has taken the pain away long enough for me to be able to grab a bite to eat and will be able to fall asleep.
PLEASE TRY THIS if you are in a large amount of pain.
Please do NOT try to break the abscess yourself. This is absolutely the WORST advice someone could possibly ever give. Without proper antibiotics to kill the germs (after the abscess has broken) the bacteria will go into your blood stream. This is POISON and can lead to way bigger problems down the road.

I am so sorry for the people who are in so much pain right now :( I understand and I am right there with you! I wanted to just take my head right off! And I am so sorry for the Americans who do not have dental insurance. I cannot even imagine! I am in Canada, and although it is not 100% free for the dentist, the bill definitely will not put someone into bankruptcy. I am very thankful for this site, or I would have never even thought to try Garlic - Thank you SO much.
Just please be very cautious about some of the remedies that are mixing prescriptions on top of NyQuil etc.

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I'm not sure where in Canada you are, but I am also in Canada, and have been suffereing with an on & off absess tooth now for over a year. I can't afford a dentist, (just to see him is $70, and to get the tooth pulled is almost $200, not including any meds you may need, like antibiotics)so I am here for some help till I can get back to the doctor for antibiotics to get temporary relief. I am living in Alberta now, but also lived in New Brunswick most of my life.... dentists cost a lot no matter WHERE you are! We may have 'Universal Heath Care', but we don't have Universal DENTAL care!!!


Oh my! Thank goodness I read this! The garlic helped 100%!! I have been suffering since late last night with an absessed tooth, and have literally tried EVERYTHING! I put a chunk of fresh garlic on the affected tooth, and BINGO! it provided me with relief in about 5 minutes!

I am beyond happy. Thank you so much for this.
My heart goes out to you all having tooth problems. It's pure hell isn't it?! Take care everyone. And thanks again.

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