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Gordon Parsons

every remedy on this page is correct i had a wisdom tooth removed, and have been in agonizing pain for 5 days now, I've taken so many Tylenol 3's and perkocets and they haven't been doing anything, clove oil is the only thing that has worked definitely try it.nothing else will work for dry socket. believe me I've tried.

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i had a molor pulled four days ago and still was worse than ever with the throbbing and shooting pain from the socket. after reading your blogs, i went to the store and found the clove oil...the only one i could find was the clove bud oil. but needless to say, after diluting it with water and putting it in the hole, and shoving a piece of gauze in there...i can finally stop crying! what a miracle oil this is! i have had three other teeth pulled and this is the first time i have had this kind of problem...thanks to you all for sharing your remedies!


God Bless everyone here. I just got my Red cross kit and used it once and the pain is gone. I had blown through all my pain meds and they didn't make a dent in the pain after having my wisdom tooth pulled. I developed the dry socket and couldn't sleep, think, eat, move until I came here and rushed to Walgreens at 5am. THE BEST 7 DOLLARS I EVER SPENT. Thank You

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