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Recently, i got over a pretty bad flu and i still had a very sore throat. About two days after most of my flu symptoms went away my ears started popping. Later that night my ear felt completely clogged up and i couldnt hear out of it. So, i drop up to walgreens, got the walgreens brand ear pain reducer, some cotton balls, and a bottle of nyquil. Right after i got home i put a few drops of pain reducer in my ear, sealed my ear with half a cotton ball, took the recomended dosage of nyquil and drank a warm cup of fruit tea. Within 10 minutes- my ear pain was gone, my throat was feeling good, and i was ready to crawl into bed for a painless night!

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does this really wrrk cuz thts how im right now


Sorry, but your remedy doesn't really count as a 'home remedy'. It's an OTC drug that you dropped into your ear canal... I don't see that as suitable for this particular forum. My 2 cents...


is it SAFE to put liquid tylenol or iburpofen in your ear??????

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