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I was just diagnosed with Genital Herpes 1 week before the new year of 2011. Im experiencing my first outbreak and cant stand the pain. When I pee I cry for 30 minutes because it hurts so bad. I tried everything, peeing while in the bath tub, peeing in the shower, dumping warm water over my genitals while peeing, and covering the sores with wash cloths while peeing. I went to the doctor and she gave me the solution. Its going to sound weird but the answer is Crisco. Yes, the butter like stuff in the blue can.Its perfectly safe to put down there, its chemical free, perfume free and water proof. Just cover your sores with a light layer and you can pee with no pain at all. Its amazing! After you are done you just lightly wipe it off. Try it! No pain!

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I found an easier way with dealing with the urinating...Use an empty toilet paper roll...It sounds funny but instead of the urine going where it wants it goes right through the tube. and you can angle it so it won't hit the sores.


Thank you so much ??

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