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This might sound silly but really try this if it kills so much you find yourself pounding round the house in agony an dont know where to put ya head it works for me everytime . Depending on ya fitness level support your body weight with your feet of the ground just slightly maybe just an inch i use the bit where our cooker should be then slowly bring your legs up and knees into your chest do about 15 or more / less depends how fit you are basicly till ya abs hurt you should find by the time you finish that A: that angry fealing you had has gone B: your abs hurt a bit and most importanly your pain should have gone seems to work with chin up to if you need something inbetween again depends on your fitness treadmills work amasingly a good 20 min jog can remove any toothache for me personally plus keeps ya fit take a couple of paracetomol before ya jog avoid press up tho this sometimes works exept laying flat can sometimes intensafy the pain and if it a tooth sensetive to the cold i wouldent run outside sometimes it doesent help beware that awfull pain will probley return soon tho so chose to get ya heart rate up again if it does until ya pain killers are working properly am no expert but this has worked for me for a couple of years when i feel theres no way out i believe your heart pumping blood to other areas of you body as in muscles stops the nerves takin over some how any feedback appreicheiated sorry for poor gramer an spellings Rob hope this helps someone.

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