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First off motrin/aspirin in a tooth crushed is bad!!it will eat tooth even worse . second aspirin doesent work that way it does not stop pain by putting it on something it works by blocking pain receptors. And I have been in screaming agony with a toothache off and on for 6 months and finally found this out. First I take 10 mill of percocet 5 times a day for 6 yrs now for a disease and it does zippo for toothache pain I take 800 ibuprofen 2x a day. I also have prescription novocaine for the mouth and this works for some kinds of tooth pain but nerve pain oh no it burns so bad and made it worse.Warm salt water works for a bit as well as the ibuprofen for throbbing. Last night after screaming in pillow for an hour I tried extra strength ora gel and my god the heavens opened up!!Took 10 mil of valium and off to sleep I went I have been told by a dentist also to try honey with cinnamon powder make a paste and it will relieve pain. I have tried it and it works. It draws out any infection . And since i can no longer use sugar its wonderful in tea and coffee so i have my sweet back. But like i said oragel worked as did ibuprofen. I caution you do not use some of the remedies mentioned here as they are harmful.Especially aspirin in tooth.Vanilla also works very well as whiskey does because of the alcohol in it.Trust me I know toothache pain well and oh yes also in the hospitals now they give you tea bags for toothache pain it draws out the infection.Peppermint is also a very good pain killer it has numbing qualities.Peppermint tea is also amazing for nausea and stomach issues I use it 3 or 4 times a day.But for my intense pain in teeth, and mine is all nerve pain that shoots straight up into head ex strength ora gel gave me immediate long term relief!! Good luck peeps I know how agonizing tooth pain is....and antibiotics are a must for an abcess I had several and i steralized a needle poked it and drained it....doc told me what to do here since i had no insurance, make sure you do not swollow infection!! so sterile needle squeeze it out then use 3% peroxide to swish around mouth to kill any infection , repeat peroxide 2 times daily till it is better. This is the same thing a dentist does just please make sure ev thing is sterile including hands!antibiotics work with most but its over prescribed and peroxide is an amazing bacteria killer. Just be sterile it will work!!

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I read what you wrote about taking a sterlized needle to drain the infection so I dragged out my sewing kit and tried it I was so desperate for some kind of relief and after I got some of that infection out I felt immediate relief. I was actually able to eat something and not cry with pain for a few hours

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