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Krystal from Texas

Oh my geeze!!! Ok, so I have been sick for 2 weeks now, just thought I had a cold until I went to the doc and he said I had a little pnemonia, well up until then I had no ear pain or stopped up issues, he looked in my ear with that stupid light thing and BAM the next day... ear infection!! And I do not tolerate them very well at all. The last 2 I had put me in the hospital because the infection got so bad and the pain was worse than any I have even felt!! So this time when it came on I wanted to find some way to relieve it before it got to that point... So I came upon this site and I have to say THANKS to whomever posted about putting a wet washcloth in a mug and microwaving it (I used hot water to wet the cloth and put a little in the mug and microwaved for 30 sec, and after the heat was gone I repeated the process before letting it drain), then hold it to your ear and let the steam in the ear, then after a few minutes I took away the cup and let my ear drain... HOLY COW!! It feels soooo much better. I read lots of other things that sound like good ideas, but I do not put things in my ear, I just cant do it, the thought of having to relive that pain from the monster ear infections gets me and I will not take that chance, I know there are many who can relate or just do like to put things in their body like that, so here is one that works!!! Good luck to all!!

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I used this remedy on my nine year old son last night and within thirty seconds it was better. The only warning I have is to be sure you don't burn yourself with the steam! If I had held it on as described, he would have been burned. I put it in a plastic mug that wouldn't hold any heat in the rim or handle and let him hold it to his ear himself.


omg! this really worked ive been trying and trying to find something that works for me and this did thank you so much now i can get back to playing volleyball!


i have tried it and itr works thankyou so much...

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