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Aaron Reid

Hi my name is Aaron.. I have been up all night, with very bad pain due to ear infection. All my life I have had ear infections I jump on line to find a home way of working it out cause of no medical insurance, so while im writing this you will go through it all with me I have red all the things on here on how to fix it and im going to mix the best three that I have found on here and I will tell you how I feel after im mixing 50 part baby oil and 50 part and 3 cap fulls of rubbing alcohol vinegar... brb.... I mixed it all in a sauce cup put the cup in hot water to warm but did not mix with hot water. I put one teaspoon full laid on the opposite side for about 5 min and I let it drain I did this for about 45 min and right after the first one I felt a great drop in pain levels and now I still feel the infection but not pain full level is about a 2 out of a 10 where it was to begin with. I will now take 400 milligrams of ibuprofen for the inflammation of the infection and some Tylenol for pain so I can sleep. And in about 12 hours I will comment on this very remedy of mine and tell you if it has gone, gotten better or just did not work....

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Actually you can take 800 mg of ibuprofen and 1000 mg of Tylenol at the same time for a headache. My dr said so.

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