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Aaron Reid

Hi my name is Aaron.. I have been up all night, with very bad pain due to ear infection. All my life I have had ear infections I jump on line to find a home way of working it out cause of no medical insurance, so while im writing this you will go through it all with me I have red all the things on here on how to fix it and im going to mix the best three that I have found on here and I will tell you how I feel after im mixing 50 part baby oil and 50 part and 3 cap fulls of rubbing alcohol vinegar... brb.... I mixed it all in a sauce cup put the cup in hot water to warm but did not mix with hot water. I put one teaspoon full laid on the opposite side for about 5 min and I let it drain I did this for about 45 min and right after the first one I felt a great drop in pain levels and now I still feel the infection but not pain full level is about a 2 out of a 10 where it was to begin with. I will now take 400 milligrams of ibuprofen for the inflammation of the infection and some Tylenol for pain so I can sleep. And in about 12 hours I will comment on this very remedy of mine and tell you if it has gone, gotten better or just did not work....

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Use punctuation.


@ the person who left the first comment, u r mean & insensitive. Punctuations help bring clarity to a topic, but sometimes u have to look over that and see the bigger picture.

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Who give a crap about punctuation this is not an english essay just some self help for everyday people - rea 'between' the missing puntuation mate!


I agree with the first post. it's not about being 'an English essay' (my post here is def not an english essay).
its about accuracy in articulating ideas. disjointed words like that make the reader have to guess at what you're trying to say. sorry.


i just want to know if the damn thing worked or not i dont care if he alternated caps and lower case. just tell us the result


This was posted a over a month ago and he didn't say if it worked or not. I think he might have died. Not trying this one.


You are all Idiots ....First of all ... BEcause this idiot doesnt know how to write it is difficult to understand the directions ...and second of all you guys are arguing about if it matters or not .... How about you all shut up and realize that this procedure is retarded and is dangerouse


I have heard and used 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent vinegar -- that works great!


All of you, with the exception of the last poster, are insane. Stick with the topic. Okay, now, to the guy who wrote the original post--DO NOT make a habit of taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen together. You're destroying your liver and your kidneys by doing that. At least drink copious amounts of water when you do.


If you can't read this without the punctuation you are too stupid to be giving medical advice. Get a life. This person just said they were in pain and your first comment is about punctuation. Very nice.

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