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honey usually works. A tablespoon for my 3 year old usually eases it up. The hard part to any remedy is dealing with them when they have been already sleeping for the night. Honey is not recommended for two and under.

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Richard K. Philp

I don't trust many treatments that doctors try or recommend,unless its a natural one. I tried many things for me when I was younger, but my mom used natural remedies and they worked even cured things that I caught. When I got older I tried going to doctors but the treatment s and medicine they did and gave me didn't help. I have a resistance to many medicines and treatments. I don't know what the doctors call it though.So I went back to natural remedies, which thankfully still work. I also have a resistance to many sleep drugs to. For an example: I went to a sleep clinic to get tested for sleep disorders, but had a hard time getting sleepy, so they tried giving me something to sleep and it didt help me at all. So I literally had to force myself to sleep. So I use natural things to help get me better. I also have to twin boys so when they get sick I use natural remedies to help get them better, cause more then likly they both have somewhat a resistance to medicine and treatments.

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