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I have the worst toothpain u could ever imagine. It's extremely painful and all I could find in the house is coconut extract and it burns for a few seconds but I felt instant relief and before that I had taken 6 ibuprofen, a vicodin, and a muscle relaxer and nothing helped but honestly the coconut extract AMAZING!!!

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Cory c

A lot of these work very well. I myself am going to school to become a dentist. Heres my advice. I will list them in order of effectiveness on the masses.

1.Sensodyne f
3.Any form of alcohol that does not contain sugar. Vodka is the obvious choice:) just dont over do it and please remember that alcohol dehydrates you so chase with water and stay hydrated. (btw the reason these coconut and vanilla extracts work is because they are loaded with alcohol)
4. If you have a toothache and are heavily congested please by all means invest in a netie pot the pressure from the sinuses can also affect the pain.

I hope this works guys! if you dont have insurance look into free or heavily discounted dentistry a lot of them exist. These things if not taken care of can kill you if not taken care of properly.

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