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At the first tinge of middle ear pain use a capful of regular hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear. Hold the head tilted and keep in ear for about 5 minutes, and then turn head and drain onto a cloth for several minutes.

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I agree with a post already made: peroxide leaves dampness behind allowing for further bacterial growth. While there is some evidence that hydrogen peroxide may act as a stimulus to call more white blood cells to the site of infection (hypothesis out of Harvard Med School), I think it would still be wise to consider following the peroxide with isopropyl alcohol.


Worked for me within 5 MINUTES!! My throat ache is even going away too! THANKS !


With my allergies in full swing, I thought that some peroxide in my ear would help loosen up the wax build up and help to remove the water that was trapped in my ear after taking a bath and rinsing the soap out of my hair by laying bown in the tub (which unfortunately places my ears under water). Thus, the warm bath water was warm enough to loosen up some wax and allow the water inside. Hence, my bright idea to use hydrogen peroxide in my ears. God I am in SOOOO much pain right now. What the heck was I thinking?? DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A TENDENCY TO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH WATER BECOMING 'TRAPPED' INSIDE YOUR EAR!! I wouldn't recommend this remedy to anyone...unless you enjoy being in immense pain. But thanks for the opinion, as I'm sure that for SOME people, it may very well much work and work great...on everyone else.


My children have always gotten 'Swimmers Ear' and this worked well. But our DR. told us to swab out the outer ear canal. Also when water is stuck in the ear canal the Peroxide's Bubbling can break up the sucktion of the water when a drop or two is put in the ear canal. But for earache's I never tried this.


Worked for me. My ear (or probally anyone elses!)did not gush blood, but I could see where this isn't the best remedy for a viral infection.

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