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At the first tinge of middle ear pain use a capful of regular hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear. Hold the head tilted and keep in ear for about 5 minutes, and then turn head and drain onto a cloth for several minutes.

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I use it every time my ear starts to hurt.


I did this to clean wax out of my ears, and have been in extreme pain for the last two days. I don`t recommend it.


This worked for me. I did not have an ear ache, but felt one coming on. I have had some water in my ear for about 5 days that I could not get out. I could hear it in my right ear every time I breathed in there was a slight sucking noise. very annoying! This morning I put hydrogen peroxide in it, drained it, I repeated this three times, the third time I could tell it was clean because there was very little popping of the peroxide, then I laid down with my ear on a hot compress and I am finaly got rid of the wax blockage and the water trapped inside my ear. What a relief!


this works with two parts alcohol with one part hydrogen peroxide.

ying yang twins

i agree with everyone because i tryed this crap last night and it doesnt work even if your life depends on it!


my boyfriend and i have been trying this for DAYS and still no relief


This didn't work for me it just made everything hurt more!!!


this made my ear ache worse!!! do not try


Ya this works ya ya ya


O ya never mind this is the one that dose not work!

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