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I have recently had this horrible ringworm on my cheek (eek!) a few times, which we all know is terrible. The first time I did the nail polish thing and it actually worked really well. This time I tried and it didn't.

Here is what I did and saw results overnight.

1- Keep it clean! So important.
2- I got apple cidar vinegar and dipped a cottonball in. Took some tape and taped it to my cheek for 30 minutes. It burns like heck but you will see it start to turn white. Take it as long as you can. Let it dry for a bit.
3- Put pure tea tree oil on a q-tip and apply it to the top. This almost soothes it.

Do this a few times a day. At night I still put the nail polish on so it would be covered through the night.

Good luck. Hope this helps some.

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What kind of nail Polish?


i m facing it :( its horrible .. trying clear nail polish for nights - and vinegar in noons some times turmic powder as a paste - lets c :(:(

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