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George D. Baker

When you first feel the symptom of a cold sore, with your finger swipe, from behind the ear and beside the nose, the natural body oils and apply it to the area where the cold sore is trying to form. Repeat the process as often as you think of it, and the cold sore will not evolve. (I have done this and it works.) You always have the solution with you.

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As a Registered Nurse, Infection Control Nurse and a Holisitic Health Care Worker I would like to add that earwax is a wonderful cure for cold sores. Many people do find that the thought of putting earwax on their mouths as repulsive, but earwax is actually one of the cleanest oils produced by your body, built to protect your canals from dust, but also is a pure natural antimicrobial agent that not only can cure cold sores quickly but other small sores and ailments as well. I'm all for this treatment and use it myself! I'll never go to back to medications again!


Abreva does not work for me it is a waste of $13 bucks... It takes it 7 days and it is over! :-)


Woke up this morning with a blister and I first dabbed it with organic apple cider vinegar and than put earwax over it. About 3 hours later, the blister has gone down!! Cant believe it!

So glad I read this!!

I felt 1 coming on yesterday and was putting medicated chapstick on, I woke up this morning to a mountain on my lip. I googles remedies and came across the ear wax thing. I have gotten cold sores my whole life and have never heard of this. In my desperation I did it, it's been about 2 hours and it is about half the size as it was. How did I never hear about this nasty little trick before!!! I will put it on again before bed and see what happens... Amazing!!!


Ear was DOES work. I thought it was an old wives tale until I tried it. I never use anything else! But u have to use it as soon as u get the tingle and it won't develop.


So I tried the ear wax Omg it works I put it on during the nite and it was gone I'm totally not using canfo anymore


Earwax is the best remedy for cold sores


This actually works. I was skeptical, until I started to get a cold sore a day before I was going to see my gf for the first time in a while. It was at the early little white bump stage. I just kept putting a thin layer of ear wax on my lip every few hours or so (wash your hands after you've touched it once though!) and 24 hours later, it was completely gone. So nice to not have to deal with a cold sore and seeing my gf. Then the other day I felt the tingle, I put some on, and it never appeared. ear wax works, works faster the earlier the stage you catch it


Okay so I have been suffering from these cold sores since I was young an I'm desperate to try anything that works. I just wiped some ear-wax on my lip. Side not I felt it come about 3hrs ago an I have 2 little bumps, I have work tomorrow so I will be back to give my in the morning. I pray this works like everyone claims! Sincerely- troubled lip!!!!



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