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George D. Baker

When you first feel the symptom of a cold sore, with your finger swipe, from behind the ear and beside the nose, the natural body oils and apply it to the area where the cold sore is trying to form. Repeat the process as often as you think of it, and the cold sore will not evolve. (I have done this and it works.) You always have the solution with you.

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Am i really contemplating on putting earwax on this thing growing on my lip? THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!


I don't have any ear wax build up never do guess I'll have to use my hubbies ear wax omg!!! poor me :)


I was wary of trying ear wax at first but figured it was better than having a nasty sore. It really did work! I've done this numerous times now when I feel the tingling coming on and a cold sore never develops. And you can't cross contaminate as long as you don't put the q-tip back in your ear after applying it to your lip! Use your common sense! Always wash your hands after applying it before touching anything else. And I don't think it's gross. I'd rather have ear wax or oils from behind my ear on my lip for a day than a gross sore for a week. Your body IS meant to heal itself and if you're too 'clean' to try this, well then enjoy your cold sores.


To the person who said they were going to use their husband's ear won't work. You have to use your own. Your body can heal ITSELF. Somebody's else's cannot heal yours. I usually don't have very much wax, but I just use whatever I can get on a q-tip and it always works.


Ear wax does work and it's free!!! I do not get cold sores often but due to food allergies they can come without warning. I use my daughter's ear wax because I do not have soft wax in my ear and I'm not about to go deaf digging too far to find some. Her's works just fine for me, so far they have about a two day life span. So for all the doubters just try it atleast once and if it doesn't work then OH WELL!


im desperate i just spent 20 minutes soaking my lip in alcohol then putting ice on it and now i rubbed ear wax on it.....this better work or else you people are playing a mean trick on cold sore sufferers everywhere!!!!!!
ps ill let you know how it goes tomorrow
(i cant believe i have ear wax on my lips! ewwwww!)

Cold Sore Free Using Ear Wax

When my aunt told me to put ear wax on my lip when I felt a cold sore coming up. I thought she had lost her mind and it was just a urban myth..However I decided what the heck gave it a try. It worked! The next day the cold sore was completly gone and I didn't have to go through the days of suffering with a nasty cold sore. If your worried about cross contaimentain then try washing your hands afterwards while you sing the tune of row row row your boat :)


My ex husband and his mom swear by the ear was thing and i would never try it. I will next time though - I developed one 2 days ago and I was at work with only a year old tube of blistex...I now have a cold sore on my lip the size of mount kilimenjaro!!! time I will hide in the corner and dig in the ear for a better remedy than old blistex. PS - using Novitra right now and that stuff does NOT work at all!!


omg....dis is really fustrating honeslty is:(...hate cold sored hardly eva get them nd now woop a big gigantic disgustin n my lip....nd mi debs tomorro augh!!!!wdf am i gng to do sum1 plzzz help plz!!!!!!!xxxxxxx


This COMPLETELY, TOTALLY works!! It's damned gross but I just tried it for the first time at my mom's suggestion. What was shaping up to be a real whopper on my lip completely dried up by the next day! It never even surfaced. Just don't accidently lick that spot...ugh! It taste like armpits.

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