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Jason R

The one thing I know for sure that works and work almost instantly is vinegar. Cider or white it makes no difference. Start with a tsp and if that don't kick it take another. I've never needed more than two teaspoons and in fact it's very rare I need more than one.

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Just took 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and followed it w/ a shot of milk. About 30 seconds later I was throwing up...let's just say I feel better but not the way I wanted to!


No offense, but fighting acid with acid will only make the condition worse! When you are suffering from acid indigestion, you need to counteract it with an alkili, like baking soda.


YES! this works...thank you!!!!


Was this intended to be some sort of cruel joke? I downed some cider vinegar and it BURNED all the way down! It made the heartburn much worse, I was in excruciating pain for a couple of minutes, and it had no long term effect other than my painful memories!


i tried that 5mins ago i cant tell if it helped because i still have a burning sensation!i dont recommend this at all


Thank you thank you. I nEeded two tsps but it worked in less than five minutes. Now I can get some sleep!


I had horrible heartburn and was willing to try anything so I took a good swig of some vinegar! It burnt the crap outta me throat for like 5 seconds and then it just disappeared! Thank you!thank you! Thank you!


Worked for me! Thankyou, I have been sitting up half the night ... Now I can get some sleep

Micki T.

I thought it was a crock and it seemed against logic, but it so worked. I have been dealing with GERD for years and using meds to control it. Doc said I had to give it up during pregnancy and I didn't know what to do and day 2 off the meds I was hurting. It did sting a bit at first. I think if it burns a lot and/or you get sick it might mean a more serious problem. Check with a doctor.


I just tried this remedy and I have to say that it helped but I will never use it again. It burned in my mouth and down my throat and immediately made me feel like I was going to throw up. I rushed to the bathroom just in case. I'll go to the 7-Eleven and shell out $7 for tums before I use this.

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