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so i have been on this website for a hr. tryin to get rid of my very dramatic boyfriends tooth pain...after tryin teabags....liquer....orajel...pills...and god knows what said to try just tasted good! But he kept trying and by mistake he grabbed ALMOND extract instead out the cabinet this time....and wooow it numb his whole mouth and he finally stopped bellowing

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Wow what a B h i dont know if he can use this website to find a new girlfriend but if he could i would suggest him doing so tooth aches are horrible show some sympathy


Vanilla flavoring 'doesn't work' for tooth aches infact it tastes nasty. When your in severe pain like I have been for almolst 4'll try and do anything, but I did find something that does help 'Ice Pack' on the cheek helps out alot it eases the pain but doesn't get rid of it.


you are a ignorant bitch that has never had a tooth issue. i've been up 66 of the last 72 hours b/c of a tooth abscess and I have to wait until wednesday of next week to get it pulled. 176 hours of being awake if i continue this sleep pattern. So wahhhh wahhh bellow bellow bellow. bitch

kristina .c.

ok really i am 13 and looking for sum. to help and someone is calling names...if you r adult grow need to be a freakin butt


id have to in some severe pain, had 9 teeth pulled 3 years ago and soon to be another 5 at least....(calcium/enamel issues and no dental insurance) so yah i think u rly need to ease up on him....when im hurtin bad i wanna punch happy he dun wanna do the same to u...cuz i would :/

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