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A rice bag works nicely. (also take MOTRIN it's an anti-inflammatory). You can actually MAKE a rice bag yourself out of white rice and flannel. Put it in the microwave for however long you need (my size needs @ 3 minutes), the moist heat is good relief for a stiff neck. Also good for cold hands and feet in the winter.

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I love my rice bag! I made mine out of terrycloth, put a zipper on one end for easy removal of the rice so I can throw it in the wash when it gets dirty.


P.S. The zipper MUST be plastic, (unless you want your microwave to explode).


Rather than using Motrin, or IB, (2 IB = 1 Motrin) or other 'over the counter' chemicals,use Bromilin. Bromolin is a Natural product. Bromilin comes from pineapple. Find the one with the highest mg per capsul.


thank you so much i woke up with a super stiff neck and it worked super thanks you :)


I put a cup of rice in a mismatched sock and tied a knot. I first placed ice cubes in a plastic sealed bag on my stiff neck for 20 minutes.Then I microwaved the rice filled sock for 30 seconds and it was hot enough to place on my neck for 20 minutes. This was very effective.

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