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I have had athletics feet for 10 years.I remembered a treatment that my grandmother (who was Indian)did to me when I was little and had ring worm. So I tried it on my feet because ring worm and athletics feet are almost the same virus..She took copper pennies dipped them in vinegar then placed raw bacon on top wrapped it up. Did that for two nights and it was completly gone. Well I did the same thing on my feet and IT IS GONE FOR me it works only takes 2 days it really severe do it a few extra days...I suffered so long with my feet and tryed everything even lamisel that has serious side effects ...that only took it away for about 6 months and it was back its gone completely

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I think the fat in the bacon is supposed to draw any infection out. My granny made me put a piece on a boil I had gotten on my leg and it drew the infection right out. Gross yeah but it worked and then I was able to get rid of it with neosporin.

Dennis Newson

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Go buy some copper sulphate from a stock feed store or plant nursery and mix up a 2\\% solution (2grams to 100 ml of water) and apply to the area twice a day.

It will clear up in a couple of weeks.

My wife had a fungus under her toenail that would not heal and she soaked her foot in a saturated solution of copper sulphate for five minutes a day and it cleared in a few days. A saturated solution is a strong mix where there is still undisolved crystals in the mixture but this may irritate the skin on some people.

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