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I have had athletics feet for 10 years.I remembered a treatment that my grandmother (who was Indian)did to me when I was little and had ring worm. So I tried it on my feet because ring worm and athletics feet are almost the same virus..She took copper pennies dipped them in vinegar then placed raw bacon on top wrapped it up. Did that for two nights and it was completly gone. Well I did the same thing on my feet and IT IS GONE FOR me it works only takes 2 days it really severe do it a few extra days...I suffered so long with my feet and tryed everything even lamisel that has serious side effects ...that only took it away for about 6 months and it was back its gone completely

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When you consider that copper sulfate is a widely used, broad spectrum, topical treatment for cattle hooves this remedy makes a lot of sense.


Would this be left on over night time???


Athlete's foot is a fungus, so is ringworm.


so it doesnt really say what to do??


so im confused. do you take the pennies and place them on your feet? then wrap it with bacon?..someone plz explain.


Yes please explain. I have been suffering with athletes foot since I was 12 and Im thirty now. Please break it down for us. Do you leave it on overnight?


yeah i want to try this too but it seriously doesn't tell you what to do. do you take the pennies and bacon and wrap it on your foot if so how? wouldn't the pennies fall out? This is confusing. Please explain better.


I believe they are saying that you dip the pennies in vinegar place them between your toes, place the raw bacon on top of the infected area or on top of your toes and wrap your foot, like in an ace bandage. I am gonna try that and see if it works my athletes foot is starting to peel away to the middle part of the top of my foot and I would consider it pretty bad, so we will see what happens and i will repost if it works!


Too funny! Bacon bandages. Ridiculous! Sleeping all night with bacon in between your toes is nasty. ROFLOL
Wouldn't an ointment be heaps better than rotting pig in your toes for 8 hours?
Are you trying to save money? What do your feet smell like by morning? Or your sheets! The rampant trichinosis cross-contamination scenarios baffle me. Don't do it!


i believe this is a soaking remedy

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