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Jacks Mom

My suggestion: Theraflu Warming Relief Flu and Sore Throat

Like everyone else here, I found this site with tears in my eyes from the pain of an infected tooth (wisdom tooth). Not only did my tooth/gum hurt, but the entire side of my face hurt, I was unable to open my mouth fully, my head throbbed, I was nauseous, and had a fever/chills.

I tried every remedy that I had the ingredients for and found little to no relief. I began to think there was nothing that would help this pain. In desperation, I took some Theraflu Warming Relief Flu and Sore Throat. I felt instant relief from the tooth pain and shortly thereafter, the throbbing in my head and faced subsided, and I no longer had chills or nausea. It's not a cure-all in that it still hurts when I try to open my mouth wide enough to even get a spoon in, but I'm extremely grateful for the other relief - especially the tooth/gum pain.

It's obvious that different things work for different people. A warm green tea bag actually made my tooth feel worse. But if you don't find relief elsewhere, you may wish to try Theraflu Warming Relief Flu and Sore Throat.

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I did this too - for about 2 weeks when nothing else would even touch the pain. I was using Neo Citran Nighttime remedy.
The only downside is that you can't have a straight flow of it lol!
However, it did really help me to be able to relax enough to sleep.

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