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I have had several of my wisdom teeth impact on me and never had the money to get them properly taken care of.
For immediate temporary relief hot salt water rinse for at least 2 minutes. Once the immediate pain has relieved you get some Orthodontic Wax (Near the Ambeslo/Orajel at the store) and carefully place a small amount over the abcess.
By cleaning and then plugging the abcess you should be able to get by for a good portion of the day without knowing anything is wrong. BE CAREFUL not to suck out the wax or loose it with food, I always keep extra wax on me and a small shaker if salt so I can reapply almost anywhere.
For chronic pains or to get to sleep at night I use the same technique and also tag team 2 tabs ibuprofen (every 4 hours) and 2 tabs acetaminophen (every 4 hours with 2 hour offset from ibu) as to not 'overtax' my liver on 1 med.

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