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Well, If you have dry hair or hairloss STOP GETTING PERMS, COLORING YOUR HAIR, OR USING A CURLING IRON OR STRAIGHTENER EVERY DAY!! This fries your hair and causes breakage and in the end your hair will fall out!

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do not judge me...everyone has the right to do whats needed to look thier best!


not when your 20 with bald spots!! wear it natural it looks the best, like I do:)) psh im not


Well i cnt stop!!!!!!!!
It makes my hair go crazyy!!!!
I need to straiten them up every day to look like a normal human!!!


Why dont you actually type or post something worth while. Everyone is aware if they stop doing that things will or might change, but post something that might actually help someone with these problems that dont use this stuff DAILY.


the whole thing about your hair falling out not true hair falls out naturally and it grows in cycles. i should know i went to beauty school.. you can dye, perm, straighten, and curl your hair all you want just use leave in conditioners once every one or two weeks to keep hair strong.


i just thought i'd share that as long as you're depositing color into your hair instead of lifting color, you can literally dye your hair as much as you want.


Your such an idiot. lmfao.


seriously how fucking stuipd can you be i straighten my hair every day and im 37 and i still have just as thick hair mabey thinker hair than when it was a teenager if you straighten your hair every day all it will do is make your hair more brekable and mabey youll have spilt ends but you can just shampoo too fix that you stuipd fucking homo go get a fucking life and stop telling people things that are not true you stuipd asswhip

Kayla Motherfucking Mangelo

The last idiot that apparently was thirty seven first of all, I' fifteen and I don't talk like that. And secondly, don't EVER call ANYONE a homo. This person can speak it's mind, if he/she is wrong, then oh well. There's no reason to be so mean. All the people with the mean comments are fucking flopdicks.


A little advice...Dont post dumb shit if you dont want a dumb response.

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