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Take L-lysine, found in the vitamin aisle. Take it as soon as you feel the tingle. Take 3 times a day. Usually the cold sore never develops.

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I agree the MOS Twith this remedy because i take lysine. My cold sores have gotten so bad that I have to taken prescription drugs to get rid of them. However, the lysine tablets are proven drug against cold sore.


As an RN in a busy outpatient clinic, I recommend to patients regularly that they take (3) 500mg tabs at the first tingle, then 1 three times daily until the symptoms are gone. I fully agree this is a great way to keep them from ever erupting and have had dozens of patients give positive feedback over the years to this effect. For sores already erupted, you can also crush the tab between a pair of tablespoons and mix with any gel or lip balm (I prefer Carmex) for topical application directly on the sore. It doesn't look too glamorous, but used overnight will dramatically speed healing.
Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type I (HSV-I) viral capsids attacking the cells of the mouth and lips. The amino acid L-Lysine moves into those same cells and makes them undesirable to the viral capsids, sparing the patient the development of the sores.
Once someone contracts HSV-I, they have it for life. It periodically expresses itself when the immune system is busy fighting illness elsewhere in the body. The resulting sores are called cold sores or fever blisters because their appearance often accompanies such illness or high-stress episodes which also depress the immune system.
The name Herpes comes from the nature of the sore which is fluid-filled, a herpetic ulcer by classification. There are many types of herpetic viruses: oral herpes, genital herpes, chicken pox, etc.
Virus are type-specific meaning having chicken pox, for example, does not mean genital herpes is also present or even that there is an increased risk of developing a different type of herpetic virus. Each sub-type can only be caused by contraction of the specific virus that leads to development of the specific condition. In other words, oral herpes is caused by the virus HSV-I. Genital herpes is caused by the virus HSV-II. Chicken Pox is caused by Varicella Zoster, and so on.
If you have HSV-I and are experiencing symptoms, even just the tingling sensation, consider yourself contagious until such time as the symptoms are gone. That tingling indicates viral activity. Refrain from kissing, sharing utensils, etc. Wash your hands frequently. 20% of Americans over 18 already have HSV-I. There is no shame in having it; only it needlessly spreading it.


I couldn't agree more with this remedy. I take 1000mg tablets once a day the minute I feel one coming on. I have sucessfully prevented several outbreaks this way. I am down to maybe one or two cold sores a year now.


L-lysine WILL KILL that cold sore!!!!
I used to be plagued with cold sores. I tried everthing but nothing worked. My sister told me to take 5 500 mg 3 times a day when I feel one coming.
I know that sounds like a lot but I have done it for years now. At the onset I take 5 3 times a day and within a couple days they are GONE.
The best part is, anyone I have told to try this, has had the same results. IT WORKS! and best part, is it is cheap too.
I only take the L-lysine when I feel a cold sore coming.


I have tried this, and taken ridiculous amounts of lysine per day to cure cold sores and I have seen no effect.


Taking L-lysine as the nurse said does not work. I also talked to a Doctor and the only thing that can work once you feel the tingle is Acyclovir. The worst thing you can do is rub alcohol on it, everytime you remove the scabed skin with alcohol you restart the healing clock. Protect the scab and let it form and fall off. Dont get it wet. In no way does taking vitamins, or L-lysine speed healing.


I am not a doctor or nurse, but I follow the teachings of Dr. Hulda Clark who has experience with herpes treatment. Instead of taking 3- 500mg of L-lysine, buy and take 4 x 1000mg of L-lysine. The sores will disappear. The virus will have been 'shot down'. Do this once per day between meals. L-lysine is very safe, but it should not be taken long term. It can be taken at outbreaks, if you have any more. Dr. Clark calls this a cure for the herpes virus. Also, keep taking the L-lysine for about a week after symptoms subside to make sure the virus is killed. Many doctors don't want you to cure the disease, so they only want you to take it in minimal doses. Evil, ha? In addition, try and get these the L-lysine from a natural health (grocery) store. Good Luck.

BOb, Mich.

Sores on the head.
Jan. 13,2006
Three weeks ago I developed a couple of itchy sores on my scalp. I thought they were bites but they begain to spread I used my mothers old fashoned remedy'
( 1950 era)
Three times a day and after each wash
Camphophenique salve cheep! small tube.
One week later they were all cleared up 100\\% Wish you luck<


Lysine does work well on cold sores, but I wouldn't suggest taking it 3 times a day, or even daily once a day. Lysine is an isolated amino acid, which usually causes constipation and other things if taken daily or too frequently. There's a reason why amino acids are found naturally in foods in conjunction with other amino acids and proteins - because that's the way they're supposed to be digested and assimilated. One amino acid by itself, especially in high doses, can cause problems. So, I would say just take Lysine when you feel a cold sore developing or if you already have one.


Megadoses of L-Lysine have always worked for me at the first sign of the 'tingle'. 1500mg at leat 4 X's per day until threat of cold sore is over.

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