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Whenever I get a really bad headache, I smoke weed, then eat something a little while afterwards. :) hope this helped!!

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you can get your green card to be able to smoke weed legally. if you have a long medical history of headaches you can apply. you do not go to your regular doctor you have to go see a doctor that specializes in green cards.hope this helps


I Hope u kno it opens portals for demons


For those of you who commented negative feedback - You all dont know the slightest thing about medical marijuana.
It is legal in many states in the US, as long as a doctor has recommended its use. Plenty of patients are unable to take pharmaceutical drugs, if they are allergic, if they react in a bad way to the medication, and many other reasons as well as, they just do not want to take a pill made from chemicals in a lab.
Medical marijuana has been proven to cure and aid in relieving many ailments and problems such as: Skin cancer(YES, CURE to SKIN CANCER), migraines, anorexia, ADD, ADHD, OCD, tourettes, Athsma, etc..
Hemp can be used to made over 25000 products. It is one of the worlds most versatile plants.

And last but not least, it DOES help headaches and migraines. of course, i only recommend if you are a MM patient already, to give it a try, it really helps!

ashamed of all of you

for all of you who commented negatively.
you make us ALL seem just like you. SMALL MINDED IGNORANT PEOPLE.


Marijuana can either relieve the tension or add to it, so this is a 50/0 shot. Good luck to everybody who tests this theory out.



smokey mcpot

weed is soo good ... it gets you high and i can feel no pain anymore giggitty giggitty gooo... alright!!!


Makes my headaches worse/:


Genesis ch.1 verse 11
Then god said, let the land burst forth with EVERY sort of grass and seed bearing plant. The seeds will then produce the same kinds of plants and trees from which they came. And so it was. 12 the land was filled with seed bearing plants and trees a d their seeds produced plants of like kind. And GOD saw that it was GOOD.

If i can eat an apple then i can smoke some weed regardless of the governments opinion. I answer to a higher power.


very very true! it works all the time.yeah its illegal but hey that really bad headache is actually gone! be safe smoke weed

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