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I was surprised to find how many alternative remedies u can find for tooth ache hanging around in your kitchen: Heres what i have found helpful.Firstly, Take Advil or IBprofen. Do not use aspirin as it thins the blood and can make the pain worse by increasing the throbbing. Second use warm salt water and hold in your mouth for a few minutes, followed by hydrogen peroxide 50/50 water mix. Rinse and repeat, this usually helps immensely. Rinsing with mouthwash or anything else with high alchohol content also seems to help but mostly temporarily. You can also massage the gums or hold the temple on the affected area to prevent bloodflow when pain is really bad. Lastly if you can afford a hundred bucks or so, go to urgent care and explain ur tooth is infected but you cant get to a dentist and demand antibiotics. Or u can get an appointment with a dentist for about 60 dollars and do the same. The antibiotics will solve the problem usually for at least 3 months.

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