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It's been four days since my ear's been all clogged up, and after reading all of these home remedies, all I decided to do was take a hot bath, drink some tea, and hold my ear over the hot water from the tea and now it's all better, seriously just try it. You don't anything fancy.

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I just tried this too!! I only did it for 1-2 minutes in each ear and already it's quite better. I plan on doing it again in a few minutes.

I used Ginger tea, microwaved for 1 minute 30 seconds


My ears have been clogged up for about 5 days now. I'd like a truthful answer, will this work? And could I use chamomile tea?


Pretty much my ear has been plugged for 8 months now off and on and the doctor keeps telling me to use nasal spray and zyrtec but nothing is working! Can you specify the whole process? Do you just drink the hot tea in the the shower or what? Thank you


YAY! THANK YOU! :) I didnt take the bath or drink the tea but I did just decide to put salt in a cup with some boiling hot water and held my ear over the cup and felt better right away and after repeating a couple times...POOF! My ear popped :) Now I can go to sleep peacefully.


I am Sooo trying this!!!!


I was skeptical about this. However, I am pregnant and was desperate to find some relief for my completely clogged right ear(I couldn't even hear) after having a bad head cold. Since I was pregnant I couldn't take any decongestants or antihistamines like I typically would. After seeing this I immediately tried the hot water and salt. Within seconds my ear popped a bit, and after a couple more tries my ear cleared completely! So thankful for this post. If you are looking for a natural remedy, then look no further...


Ears clogged for 6 months now after suffering a severe cold. Doctor said it will take some time for the glue to dry up in my ear. Its just annoying. I want to try this remedy today. Has this worked for anyone recently?


well i tried the hot water put my ear over it... NOPE my ear is still blocked


I'm trying it for 4 days now. Nothing changed, still blocked. Damn, this is so annoying.


helped me too...thank u sooooooo much wat a relief now

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