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It's been four days since my ear's been all clogged up, and after reading all of these home remedies, all I decided to do was take a hot bath, drink some tea, and hold my ear over the hot water from the tea and now it's all better, seriously just try it. You don't anything fancy.

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Steam, Steam, Steam. Any type of heat will at least make the wax soften And Move. Simply have the clogged ear(down)towards the steam. Only use a Tip to Absorb the wax as it begins to drain, or cotton ball. it does take some Time. Expect it to work(it Does). May take 10 to 20 minutes to start working. You can simply stand with your Clogged ear
over the steaming water on the stove. Also stand in the steam of A Hot Sh


Def will try this, I've tried peroxide,alcohol, the over the counter debrox drops, nothings working so I suspect the old family home remedies is where ill have to resort to And see if it works. Thank u

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