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Rebecca Brown

I have been diagnosed and treated for sun-caused skin cancer, or the epidermal variety. This remedy is NOT for melanoma or basal cell cancer.
I was quite ill and weak from a chemical poisoning and all kinds of infection for 5 years. During that time, with my immune system so fragile, I could not tolerate the surgery required even for the simple graft I would need for the removal of the cancer on my nose. My homeopath recommended an ointment of stinging nettle, Urtica Urens, type.
I applied it several times a day, wore a hat and a band-aid and stayed out of the sun. In about 8 weeks, the open sore was healed and the redness gone.
I had other occurances that responded the same.
I have since successfully used the treatment on 8 other people. It worked on seven spots that appeared to be cancers and not on the eighth lesion which turned out to be a basal cell cancer.
The herb Urtica Urens is used to treat burns. I can only guess that the sun caused cancer begins on burn damaged skin. The herb seems to trigger burn healing even though cells have mutated into cancer. It is remarkable that so few people seem to know about this highly effective application.
I was using a common American made homeopathic ointment, but it was petroleum based and I am sensitive to that poison. I now have found a source in New Zealand, the Weleda Company, where you can purchase an ointment with a more inert base oil. It does contain propylene glycol, but is a very high quality potent creme, very effective.
I am so grateful to find a forum to reach people with this affordable and body friendly option.
I still have flare-ups and I avoid exposure always, but skin cancer is not a threat any more.

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There are natural remedies for cancer symptoms that you may be interested in. I have recently heard about a South Pacific based fruit called noni. From what I have read, it supports health in the immune system and can prove beneficial to cancer patients. I can't post a link here, but if you Google 'steve frailey noni' you should find it. Good luck.

Diane DB

Thanks it is worth a try. Couldnt find it in the U.s. though so order through For 25 gm. with shipping came to a little more than $10.00. also it is called

Weleda Combudoron Ointment I believe, I hope, the others have arnica but I think this one doesnt.


This is great news about the Urtica urens. I had no idea - have always used it for rashes caused by Stinging Nettle (Urtica urens - like cures like!)

I have three persistant little red marks on my nose which never go away and itch a bit ...I haven't asked the doctor but since cancer runs through my family both sides feel pretty certain that this may be the start of skin cancer - it will do no harm to dab some of the tincture on these marks - I'll let you know what happens.

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