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God bless Dr Zimpel and his spagyric medicine and god bless my friend who has faith and belief in the power of essential oils from plants who concocted a solution for me to gargle with IT WORKS. A broken molar and an abcess that runs half way round my lower jaw have had me wanting to reach for the pliers for 4 days and nights. im taking 1000mg of 2 type of antibiotics 4 times a day, i will be having withdrawl symptoms from the Nurofen plus i have taken in a futile attempt to ease the pain. i have been to 3 dentists who have all said they cant extract due to the infection being so severe (no x-ray though?)Never again will i ridicule my friend and her belief in herbal remidies, she has saved me from myself and the tool box and at last i can eat and sleep in comfort. Look up the good Dr Zimpel and hopefuly you too will find relief.

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