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Assumed Cause : Over the last few days I have been brushing my teeth more (maybe 4 times a day) and deeper. Yesterday I had a fair bit of sugar in the afternoon (well alot), then I awoke 5.30am today with very strong tooth pains at the top back teeth on both sides of my mouth.

I'm pretty sure I have exposed nerves from burshing and the sugar irritated it so I am doing home remedies till the nerve is healed over.

For the short term the best thing is cotton wool buds in whiskey and held onto the area, the whiskey will numb and kill bacteria. Long term if the nerve is exposed dabbing sensitive toothpaste onto the tooth will help to build a layer of protection over the nerve.

This remedy is obviously not for cavities or major problems but if it is just from brushing too hard I would suggest using this remedy.

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