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I recommend Dr. Mist SPRAY and roll-on (All Natural) to all desperate as I was for nine years, I have finally found a remedy, no words will ever express my appreciation for Dr. Mist-The 29th Geneva International Invention and Innovation Award Winner . I have totaly regained my self-confidence and self-esteem. I just hope this reaches all those who have BO PROBLEM AND HAVE NOT YET FOUND A SOLUTION, I COULN'T WAIT TO SHARE THIS DISCOVERY WITH YOU BECAUSE I KNOW HOW IT FEELS WHEN YOU HAVE THE BO PROBLEM. Please for the first time try it with a new piece of clothing to notice the difference as others may have already absorbed the Body order. I order it online, cheaper at ($6.00-SO REASONABLE. I Have tried almost everything before and none worked for me, but never gave up until i discovered Dr. Mist online. I assure you,try it and you will not regret but celebrate. Good Luck to you and THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr. Mist

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How long does it takes when you notice that your BO is gone?


I take it you work for this compamy - or own it. lol


It totally sounds as if the original poster is connected with the company from the tone of their post, but I have to say that I, too, use this product and it is FANTASTIC. I have tried at least a dozen natural deodorants, and this is the ONLY one that works consistently for me. It works with the first application. The only catch is you do need to switch up deodorants every few weeks-months (when you a notice a decrease in the effectiveness -i.e., more BO), as the bacteria become resistant to the product you are using. But then you switch back after a few weeks. This product really is out of this world.

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