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After being up the 3rd night in a row I found this site in agony. A lot of things didn't work but a combo seems to have taken the pain down to practically nothing.

I've been able to stop salt water gargles and running for the listerine bottle in between and also have been able to stretch out the time between tylenol doses to more than 6 hours.

I'm doing the following:
Making a solution of baking soda and vinegar. I did the one posted here, 1tsp soda to 1Tbsp vinegar and have also cut the vinegar in half and had the same result with near instant relief. I brush with the solution until it's all used and keep my tongue out of the way so it doesn't irritate it (did the 1st time) and then rinse with a tiny bit of lukewarm water.

After that I'm rinsing with listerine to get the vinegar remnants out.

Any pain left I'm taking care of with reflexology pointers doing massage and ice compresses as needed to the opposite side's hand between thumb and forefinger (so left in my case of right side tooth pain) and it's leaving me nearly 100% pain free.

The last 'bit' tylenol is taking care of but I'm able to last longer than the 4-6 hour timeframe where I couldn't even make it to 4 before.

Hope this might help someone else out there suffering.

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My top tooth at the side of my front tooth snapped and i could feel it just break and it crumbled..It had been needing removed and i refused hoping to have money by new year, the one beside that one disinigrated the next day after christmas@! just simply DISSOLED..i look like bugs bunny..the pain is atrocious@. To remove the remains will cost me 200 apiece plus to replace them ?? i wont go there@ i dont have it. HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! who has that kinda money???? SO people i didnt have whiskey i had already used it. VODKA!!! it works even better@ burns like crazy and takes the swelling right down. and i slept like a baby@@@

Ko J

Oh yes
You are so correct
I cant believe no body has mentioned that yet. It is the cheapest of all in the alcohol . Go to the corner liqour store and get a bottle of VODKA. It wipes out any kind of mouth pain. I had a canker sore once that i was in agony over along with a horrible toothache . One swag of VODKA and I was able to get rest I hadnt rested in days! Try it people.


also that helps is if u take a goody powder and poor it on your tooth and hold it there as long as u can handle it.. (till it starts to burn) but you dont have to sollow it if u dont like to but that seems to help... my father does it i do it and it does work... might take a couple days depending on how bad it is but it will take it right out.. but go see a dentist first thing u can

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