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I have experience anxiety for about 2 months..I tried Dr,therapy,psych etc...I was at the movies w kids n husband watching a kids movie...when suddenly experience irregular heart beats,hot flash,scared etc..called 911 was taken to hospital..cont on daily basis..scared.went to a health food store thxs God found a lady that looked into my eyes told me that I had colon problems n my nerve system was high n dhydrated..prescribed anxiety free pills (name of the pills that include Passion flower)colon cleansor,rescue sleep, vitamins w vitamin b...n had 3 sessions of relaxation massages.also ck ur ph acid...n most important PRAY..hopefully these technics well help...God bless u ..

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This Clara-person needs to stop promoting PanicAway, which I suspect she has some stake in endorsing. No matter WHAT remedy someone else posts in good faith, she's like, 'Oh, I tried that too, but it didn't work...' And guess what did? You guessed it - PanicAway! I know this technique - it's OK, nothing new or special, in my opinion. Watch out for hidden advertisers!


Drjenn you are right! I was just thinking the same thing, and then I read your comment. That is very annoying. People come to this site to read about other people who have the same problem, and to find out what has worked for them, not read a bunch of advertises...

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