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Run water in a tub as hot as you can stand it. While the water is running in, get salt and put about 4 tablespoons under the running water. Make sure you mix the salt around. You only have to put just enough water to sit in, making sure it's covering the area. This will ease the pain, cause it to bust, and thus heal faster!

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I was in so much pain, I didn't know what to do. This was my first outbreak and it wasn't going smoothly. I tried this on my innitial outbreak and it worked VERY well. I used Epsom Salt in a hot bath and sat for about 20 minutes while I shaved my legs and such. Excellent remedy!! Thanks!!


I did exactly as you said and immediate relief. Excellent advice. Thanks!


Hi, salt is a very good remedy and it definately eases the pain, although i use about 1/4 of a large tub of salt in my bath, and lay and soak the area. Each time i have an outbreak i always go for the salt first, and after about 2 days my sore has almost healed.


Does it burn because i really absolutely can't stand pain


Don't worry. It does not sting. I was fearful of the same thing. It was very refreshing, and I already feel better.


Use EPSOM SALT. Do not use regular salt! Now, that may sting. Epsom Salt is safe.


Works so well!!! Didn't use super hot water though, just luke warm and it still felt good. Definitely noticed a difference the next day.

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