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Just the other day I began feeling and OB coming, when out of desperation I happen to look on the web for a home remedy for Herpes and came across this web site. After reading several post, I noticed several people trying Tylenol PM and Abreva. I went out to Walmart and bought it, and long and behold it worked. The OB was gone! Readers may asked how do you make the paste? Take one pill, crush it, then add about 2 drops of hot water. Mix it until it becomes a PASTE, then apply to affected area right before bedtime. I also mixed a small amount of Abreva to the paste. IT WORKS!!!! Mind you I bought the generic brand of Tylenol PM It has the same ingredients. Good Luck to all who reads this. Just want to thank 'MY HOME REMEDIES' for this site, and for the people who contributed in giving their input.

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This has been SO helpful! I'm having what I think is my first outbreak and man does it hurt, itch and burn. Haven't gone to the DR yet and I know I need to but I'm so humiliated...anyhoo, I just need to manage the irritation and pain. Thanks for your post!!!

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