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So I woke up with a stomachache this morning:( One idea that DIDN'T work was lying just made my stomach feel worse! An idea that DID work was using a heating pad.....I put it on my stomach for awhile and I felt a bit better:) Also eating cracker calms the acids in your stomach.....try those things and hope you feel better:)

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I know what you mean man...I had a stomach ache and tried lying face down but it made me feel worse....also putting any kind of pressure on my stomach made me feel worse! But the heating pad totally worked for did the crackers...they really helped settle my stomache


I know what you mean..I always feel worse when I lie face down! I had a stomach ache last week and I feel asleep face down and it made me more nauseaus......But I agree with the heating pad, it made me feel way better:) Thanks a lot!


thanks. i ate some crackers and it started to help me right away thanks a lot for ur help :)


The heating pad helps. Thanks!

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