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i used the galbreath technique which supposed to help drain stuff out and shorten a recovery for a middle ear infection.

which you just basically open your mouth and move your jaw to the opposite side of the ear that hurts for 3 seconds or more. and repeat 3 - 5 times.

any way i thought i would share it

it actually helped take most of the pain away for my ear infection

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I'm just checking online for help and this was so simple, I just had to try it. I'm a bit leery of putting stuff in my ear if I don't know how it's going to feel. I'm having ongoing problems with a plugged ear and tonight my ear has felt full and itchy for a couple hours. I did this technique and now my ear feels soooooo much better! Coincidence?!


Sitting at work with a killer ear ache looking at all these weird ideas.... What do you know this one actually worked!! Genius!!


This worked better than the water in the cup idea.That made my other ear hurt to.


The Galbreath technique is one that should be utilized much more in the treatment of any ear infection, or ear pain. The simple manipulation of the bones in this way can make a world of difference!!

I have been diagnosed with fluid in both ears, and was prescribed some drops that are simply topical anesthetics so the pain is lessened. I was told to see an EN&T specialist, but don't have the coverage for that right now.

I am looking for ideas on getting rid of the full feeling that I have in especially the right ear. There is no infection that was seen.

Any ideas??? To get rid of excess fluid, NOT to relieve the pain? Thanks!!


After flying home from a vacation, with a terrible head cold, I've suffered from a stuffed right ear without pain and slight hearing loss. This was the only online remedy that made a difference. It works.

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