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Why not try to boil some water and smell its vapor. The vapor will actually help open the nose. Why not also try putting water in your nose and then blowing it out? It will help open the nose and release more contaminants than just regular nose blowing.

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snotman x3000

i tryed the water vapor thing it diddnt exactly work try drinking piping hot green tea it works like magic.


Putting just water in your nose won't help it will just dry out your nostils because water isn't natually produced by the body. You can add a little salt and baking soda and that could help.
Or boil some water with a spoonful of vicks vabor rub in it, try and inhale that.


i tryed the vix vapor rub and boiled it with water, u see results right away, it doesnt completely cure it but it helps..
something that worked 4 me is i love fried noodles, you make them by getting a skillet put butter in just like ur making an egg then, put leftover noodles in the skillet it can be any kind my favorite are the choo choo wheels but in this case for a stuffy nose add tons of black pepper and cajon seasonings, it helped me.


Bad advice people. your huffing chlorine, just so you know.


To Dylan: If you're worried about huffing chlorine, you can always use bottled spring water. I don't believe the original post specified what kind of water to use. Regardless, the amount of chlorine in tap water is so small it's doubtful it would do anything to you.

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