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Here's what I did...
I tried the ACV treatment... didn't work... I tried garlic & vit E together... it broke it down and would just 'grow' back... even tried tea tree oil... that didn't do anything but burn... So I got up the nerve to buy a freeze away kit. After a couple of applications (that's all you get with that kit) it was shrinking... was costly though: $30.00! for that kit. But it was working! So, I decided to create my own cryo kit: An aerosol keyboard duster, dollar store cotton swabs ('cutips'). ($10.00 total) The cheaper brands have a straw rather than a stick between the two cotton swabs. Anyway, all you have to do is cut one of the cotton swabs off, and stick that end into the hole of your aerosol can, shake, turn upside down and ZAP. Within just a couple of days you will notice the shrink... and in a couple of weeks... GONE! You'll need more than one application though. I did the cryo every couple of days for about 2 maybe 3 weeks max! (i don't remember it was more than a year ago) So don't waste time and money: 1. aerosol keyboard cleaner: 8.00 2. dollar store cotton swabs: 1.00 and perhaps antibacterial cream: 8.00... getting rid of your warts... priceless!

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just went to the store, got a can of keyboard duster on clearance for a buck and i already had the Q-tips. worked perfectly!!! this is amazing, i cant beleive no one has thought of this before...friggn brilliant!


what is keyboard duster...?

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