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For pink eye - my son was on his third case of pink eye when a very old neighbor said to put his own urine in his eye. She said to do it overnight so he won't know and so it will be able to seep into the eye - but it has to be his pee. Well I couldn't wait for the night. So, I collected some of his pee (we were potty training anyway) and when he took his afternoon nap, I dropped a few drops into each eye. By the end of the day, his eyes had cleared. I gave him a Benadryl for the little bit of itching still there. And he had it only one time after that so we did the same thing. Worked fine.

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Putting urine into ur eye is not safe. Hv you looked into all the facts before you did something lk that. Ur lucky you didn't damage his eyesight or eyes. That's dangerous to mess around lk that. Shame on your neighbor.


Actually putting urine in your eye is safe, it says to dilute with water but it will cause no harm. You can also drink it, use it on your face, help with ear aches, tooth aches,and freshen your breath and some other things. so you are not wrong and neither is your neighbor. The main thing is that it worked and your son is better.


My oldest daughter had pink eye when she was a baby and a friend of mine suggested using her wet cloth diaper to wipe her eye and it worked wonderfully! Urine definitely worked for her. Thanks so much for reminding me of this as I just brought my much younger daughter home from school with pink eye, so I will be using this remedy again. Thanks so much!!!

mom of 4

Urine is completely safe for the eyes and, as another comment mentioned, valuable for many other ailments. I did a TON of research on this before I tried it. It has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world. There are absolutely no side effects and it there isn't a better antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral tonic available. Urine is not 'waste' as many believe. It is sterile until it leaves the body and a by-product of the blood. It has specific properties pertaining to everything your body has been exposed to during the last 24 hours as well as the 'codes' if you will, your body has used to fight said toxin. In other words the urine not only contains a portion of the bacteria/fungus/virus that is making you sick but also contains the 'game-plan' your own body has created to fight it off. Re-introducing the urine triggers the body to respond even more strongly creating an immunity. Very much the way vaccinations work only much better since this contains NOTHING that could cause the body harm. Yes, it takes some re-thinking to not be completely disgusted by the thought of putting it anywhere on your body, **especially the eyes!! But it's a wonderful alternative to the many drugs out there that cause annoying and sometimes permanant side effects. As with any illness if you do not see improvement within the first 12 hours see a doctor. Pink eye is horribly uncomfortable and can cause bacterial infection in other parts of the body if left untreated. I also used this for my sons pink eye, but not before trying it in my own eye first (although I did not have the infection). One would believe it would burn but it was so soothing and relieved the swelling almost immediately. Within a few hours the whites of his eyes were clear again, the discharge ceased and the redness/bruising look around his eyes was gone by the next day. There isn't a better, faster, way and its free!! To the one who's comment accused the original post of risking blindness etc. . .Take your own advice and do some research before you comment!! Your ignorance isn't helping anyone!!!


I just tried it on myself, Q-tip dipped in my own fresh urine....dropped a couple droplets into each eye ball. WOW.. relief immediately....eyes feel cool and normal again.


After looking for home remedies that could help my pink eye go away , I kept reading about putting urine in my eyes. I was disgusted by the thought. After puting eyedrops, breast milk, chamomile and puting ice on them. Nothing worked! If anything it made it worse. So I decided to put my urine. My eyes felt good for like 5 mins and then the goop and redness came back :/ . I guess my eyes were sensitive or something cause I had to go to the ER. They gave me eyedrops to help them heal. So I guess using urine does work, but not for everyone..


Im a RN and i have go say i was definately hesitant about putting urine in my eye but i was in so much pain i tried it...and to my suprise it worked well..immediate relief from the eye pain

Home Remedy Works

I grew seeing my family using this remedy. It does work. The key is using the first urine of the morning and collect it during midstream. I have used this on many occasions to cure pink eye for me and my children. I am also a Registered Nurse and I've used home remedies that works better than any prescription drugs.

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