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I got my wisdom teeth taken out on a Monday. I felt horrible pain from late Tuesday on. I thought it was only part of the healing process, and did not learn it was most likely a dry socket until I spoke to a friend on Friday who recently had one. Saturday morning I went out and bought some things. Now, on TUESDAY (just over a week after surgery) I am feeling much better and my dry socket is healing. Here is what I did to help ease the pain/heal the dry socket.

After every meal:
-Rinse out the socket with warm salt water. Use a small syringe to squirt the salt water into the socket. Do this until it is consistently clean and no food remains.
-Rinse with the salt water mixture.
-Rinse with Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Rise for Mouth Sores. It's in a white bottle and I found it at Walmart. Not completely necessary, but I diluted it with a little bit of water.

If Needed (for pain):
-I used the oil from the Red Cross Toothache Kit. I didn't use the tweezers and pellets, but dipped a Q-tip in, squeezed off the excess, and held it in place for a minute. Be careful not to get it anywhere else, as it stings and tastes bad. DEFINITELY helped with the pain. However, I wouldn't use it often.. only when necessary. I have read it can lengthen the healing process.

Anyway, I went to the doctor on Monday (a week after surgery) for a checkup and he couldn't believe that I had had a dry socket! He said it looked to be a week ahead of the healing process. However, I DID have one and I was in the most pain I had ever felt just two mornings earlier!!

Today (Tuesday), I am continuing my cleaning process. I have little pain (nothing an occasional advil can't handle), and it's almost caught up healing-wise to the other removal areas. I'm not sure if it's my cleaning process that is helping, or if my body is finally deciding to heal the dry socket, but I thought I'd post this in case anyone finds it helpful!

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A 'dry socket' should NOT be rinsed out like this! I am A dental hygienist and this is the number one way to get a dry socket. If u rinse out the socket after surgery you are risking pulling out the clot. Instead, rinse gently with salt water like stated, but do not irrigate the socket with a syringe. :)


when i realized that the huge hole where my cheecks and gums meet was a dry socket--from having my wisdom teeth removed a week ago--i used a waterpic (a machine that has a tube that shoots water) to rinse it with a warm salt water solution. when i did this, i was both suprised and disgusted by how much food had been hiding out in there!!! just swishing the water around in your mouth wont do the job! it is imperative to get all of the debris out also. anyway, im not quite sure if i am doing everything that i need to be doing. if anyone has any suggestions or tips, i would be very thankful. id rather not go back to the oral surgon who removed my teeth. they have not shown adequate responsibility--so if possible id like to heal it by myself.


Red Cross Toothache Kit is a miracle. Thank you to everyone here!!!

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