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When I first noticed the fever blister starting I brewed a cup of tea. I then used the used tea bag when cool and held it on the blister for a minute or so. I did this on and off for over an hour, then a few hours later, reapeated with a new used tea bag.
I only had 1 day that the fever blister was hot and throbing instead of 5. It truely did work and was not at all painful like other remedies.

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F Thompson/NC

The tea bag trick worked for me & I've been gettting fever blisters for over 55 years. I have a compromised immune system so getting over the worst in 1 day was a 1st for me!


Thanks for the tip! Does any particular type of tea work better than others? I'm trying some right now...


does this get rid of the sore or just sooth it?

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