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OMG have been in so much pain,,i have a broken back tooth and the tooth next to it has broken down to the gumline also,i had root canal on both these about 3 years ago,i swear the dentist never did it properly and have been getting abcesses ever since,i hate the dentist so much from bad experiences including where the assistant was hungover and stabbed me in the back of my throat with her tool :(..anyways its day 4 now and i have been reading all 30 pages on this site,i have try'd many of the remedies suggested,garlic didnt work for me,onion helped for about half an hour,tcp helped for 2 minutes,crushed up paracetamol directly into the hole did nothing,salt water both hot and cold did nothing,hot water bottle next to the affected area on my face put me to some relaxation,Dentogen clove oil gel helped heaps,numbed it down to pain barrier i could handle(thanks to my lovely girlfriend)teabag may of helped me get some sleep but it was prob all the pain killers i have taken that made me sleepy,dangerous i know but i was a man in desperation...i have been waiting for the abcess to start to project its way through the side of my gum so i can pop it somehow but it hasnt dared show its face yet or so i thought....anyway my pain has now died down to a minimum thanks to my puppy,he was so happy to see me that he jumped on me and head butted me in the affected side of my face...ouuuuchhh,this was the worst pain i had felt,my whole side of my face was banging now,but it did something good,all the blood pressure it built up finally worked its way to my abcess and i heard a pop and gushed out with blood and puss,the little bugger was hidding just behind my back tooth :) some kind of relief :) am just now waiting for my mother to collect my antibiotics from the chemist whilst i am awaiting my dental appointment on wednesday,this time i am going to man up and get them both pulled out,i am sure it cant be as much pain as i have been in,its taken me a long time to brave this,but after reading all about you poor people who have to have insurance and pay mega bucks to get any kind of help really put me in my place and i feel so bad for all you girls and guys over america who have to deal with that and this pain...I hope you all get the dental help we all deserve,it has to be the worst pain know to man kind...Darren uk resident

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This can be a relatively uncomfortable remedy from the stinging, but I use Oregano Oil. Picked up a bottle from a local health food store for around $30USD. Had a blazing abscess, swollen almost to the point of rupture. Took a Q-tip and tore off some of the cotton on the end. Put two drops on the end with the reduced cotton and gently swabbed the swollen gum area. This WILL sting if you get it on your lips and tongue. The tongue will definitely be affected as you can't help the oil spreading inside your mouth. The pain is insignificant compared to the abscess. Did this three or four times that day and by the morning the abscess was literally healed. Still had the bad filling problem. I'm going to post this as a remedy with some tips on maintenance as well. If you can't take the stinging, cut it by 1/3 to 1/2 with olive oil or the like, but I can't speak on the efficacy of this option for handling a severe infection.


By the way ... Oil of Oregano is not your standard cooking variety. Origanum Vulgare is what you're looking for. Definitely worth the investment. The bottle I bought has lasted me for months through several abscesses and I use it for regular maintenance as well. I'll post more shortly in an official remedy instead of in a comment. Also, it doesn't burn my gums, just my lips and tongue if I get any on them. you might try covering the area you swabbed with a cotton ball to keep it more localized as well. I imagine since it's in your gumline, you'll be able to tuck it into your cheek OK.

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