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For whiter teeth mix a little peroxcide with baking soada brush teeth leave on over night do every night for a week they will be so much whiter

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this really does work!


Someone plz help what peroxide? As in like what you would use to colour your hair?


I think they mean hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle at the grocery store.


like what u put on a cut to clean it


What do you mean over night? I thought you just brush for like 5 mins and rinse afterwards!


Yes its the stuff u can use to clean cuts with. The stuff that can get foamy


Sure it works but you don't and should not leave on over nite! You will burn the gum tissue and cause erosion to the dentin. The easy and effective way is to swish peroxide about 30 seconds spit and follow with a damp loaded tooth brush of dry backing powder and brush. Follow with tooth paste. I do this 3 times a week and I use to bleach! People always ask me if I do bleach and I tell them no it's natural!


PLEASE do not do this! I JUST TRIED IT AND IT TURNED MY GUMS WHITE. All of the skin around my teeth on my lower gums turned completely white, and I had to scrape off the dead skin with my toothbrush. This is NOT a good mix..


Good but a part of my gum turned white!


This regime is one I've always used opposed to bleaching or white strips.

And, regarding the white gums, its nothing to worry about. Its the hydrogen peroxide but it won't hurt you. Hydrogen peroxide, whether using it to brush with, or, for other uses will turn your skin white if left on too long. Make sure you rinse with water after brushing.

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