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I suffer with bad ear wax, i have mine done every year, as far as im concerned there is no way of getting out all the wax yourself, im a painter and decorator and the dust is a big factor, your ear drums are very delicate so be careful when trying to remove it yourself!

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well THAT helped a lot

thank you for telling me what you do for a living that really helps me out!*sarcasm* oh would you look at that i think all my earwax just drained after reading that touching story.


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Seriously,to the person that left that first comment: your an idiot.

Lloyd Kessel

I suffer from chronic wax buildup which eventually effects my hearing with pressure against the ear drum. I am an RN and have tried just about every home treatment including water and peroxide flushes, oil treatments, OTC kits, and special flushing syringes. I can tell you that they are basically ineffective if you really have wax plugs and impaction, and they DO NOT remove all of the wax build up...period. Most people do not have this problem as the ears usually self clean. It isn't anything you are doing wrong. It is just a problem of excessive production and build up over time. The best and safest way to remove it is to go to your family doctor and have the wax removed. they will either flush out the wax with plain water or use a special instrument to remove it. Don't mess with your hears and hearing. You may have to have your ears cleaned yearly, but it is worth it. I just went into the clinic today and I had wax impaction in both ears, but only thought I had wax build up in one ear. I feel wonderful now!


It seems that the greater our ignorance, the greater our propensity for lashing out unnecessarily.

Working often in a dusty environment can indeed be a factor in developing ear trouble.

As dust is likely to get in the ears.

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